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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1111114910012629992839682111*Joel WhalanSouth Coast District Cricket Association2017/2018Under 13 Western NSW Carnival2 1Blacktown U13 Black
2100106837012629992662128100*Blake MackrellSouth Coast2017/2018Under 121 1Highlands
3939057951262999266205493Liam MackrellSouth Coast2017/2018Under 141 1Highlands
4719199751262999266162571Jack McDonaldSouth Coast2017/2018Under 161 1Highlands
5655734871262999266163865Callum BartonSouth Coast2017/2018Under 16SF 1Cricket ACT
66111491001262999266206661Joel WhalanSouth Coast2017/2018Under 145 1Northern Cavaliers
7599057951262999266205859*Liam MackrellSouth Coast2017/2018Under 143 1FSC/Monaro
85712261931262999266212857*Locke PenfoldSouth Coast2017/2018Under 121 1Highlands
95610849051262999266205456*Alister HeraldSouth Coast2017/2018Under 141 1Highlands
10569057951262999266206856Liam MackrellSouth Coast2017/2018Under 14SF 1Goulburn/Crookwell
115311491001262999266206153Joel WhalanSouth Coast2017/2018Under 144 1Goulburn/Crookwell
12535720401262999283307053Emma M SpeeringSouth Coast2017/2018U15 Womens (T20)4 1Far South Coast
13525890711262999266151852Mark DamoiseauxSouth Coast2017/2018Burns Cup2 1Shoalhaven
14527956361262999283969552*Cooper HarrisonSouth Coast District Cricket Association2017/2018Under 13 Western NSW Carnival3 1Camden
155010510661262999283969950Kobe RossSouth Coast District Cricket Association2017/2018Under 13 Western NSW Carnival4 1Bankstown District Cricket Association
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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