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Matches Played

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4th Grade
Under 12's
Under 11's
3rd Grade
Oak Flats Bowling Club 1st Grade
2nd Grade
CI Venues/Unavailable
1 Knell, GaryLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
2 Tolhurst, Daniel MKookas Cricket Club0001000
3 Harris, GregJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
4 Tweed, Simon JJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
5 Speering, Bradley JGerringong Cricket Club1000000
6 Quine, StuartGerringong Cricket Club1000000
7 Kelly, BrianShellharbour City Cricket Club1000000
8 McConnell, RossShellharbour City Cricket Club1000000
9 Fogarty, SamuelJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
10 Fogarty, ThomasJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
11 Bartlett, SimonThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
12 Gilly, MattThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
13 Jones, MarkShellharbour City Cricket Club1000000
14 Rogan, SamJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
15 Edwards, HarrisonAlbion Park Cricket Club1000000
16 Dun, JoshuaJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
17 Bruce, Nicholas AJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
18 Bruce, Steve AJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
19 Murphy, LiamKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
20 Brannigan, MichaelThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
21 Grant, ShaneJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
22 Montgomery, PeterAlbion Park Cricket Club1000000
23 Moule, JamesAlbion Park Cricket Club1000000
24 McBride, JakeThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
25 Leedham, ThomasLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
26 Casey, JohnKookas Cricket Club0011000
27 Dowell, JosephKookas Cricket Club0001000
28 Bridal, KevinLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
29 Wakeham, RobKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
30 Horley, JasonKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
31 Norwell, BrandonThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
32 Bridal, PaulLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
33 Cannan, DanielLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
34 Parker, Peter JGerringong Cricket Club1000000
35 Smith, BradThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
36 Anshaw, DarrenThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
37 McBride, DarrenThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
38 Ryan, DannyKookas Cricket Club0001000
39 Nguyen, KenShellharbour City Cricket Club0001000
40 Brakus, NicholasShellharbour City Cricket Club0001000
41 Brakus, DanielShellharbour City Cricket Club0001000
42 Snelling, JoshuaShellharbour City Cricket Club1000000
43 Brakus, AnthonyShellharbour City Cricket Club0001000
44 Ryan, TylerShellharbour City Cricket Club0001000
45 Ryan, DaneShellharbour City Cricket Club0001000
46 Ritchie, ClaytonShellharbour City Cricket Club0001000
47 Szakacs, SteveThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
48 Stafford, AlanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
49 Ivanoff, SolomonKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
50 Peterson, PaulGerringong Cricket Club1000000
51 Bendall, LukeKookas Cricket Club0001000
52 Cannan, JakeLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
53 Lawler, DanielKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
54 Sharman, MichaelKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
55 Bridal, AndyLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
56 Denyer, JackAlbion Park Cricket Club1000000
57 GOODWAY, MATTHEWAlbion Park Cricket Club1000000
58 Adamson, WayneShellharbour City Cricket Club1000000
59 Moore, BrendonGerringong Cricket Club1000000
60 BARTLETT, SETHOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
61 Tritton, RyanJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
62 Woods, IanKookas Cricket Club0001000
63 Castray, DuaneKookas Cricket Club0001000
64 Butler, WilliamKookas Cricket Club0001000
65 Butler, ChrisKookas Cricket Club0001000
66 Creighton, HarryKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
67 Speering, WillGerringong Cricket Club0100000
68 White, JarrydLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
69 Robinson, JaidenLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
70 Greenland, RyanShellharbour City Cricket Club0001000
71 Motbey, EvanShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
72 Pickering, OwenAlbion Park Cricket Club0100000
73 Parker, CallumShellharbour City Cricket Club0001000
74 Lawson, RoyKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
75 Parker, NoahGerringong Cricket Club0100000
76 Camilleri, CameronShellharbour City Cricket Club0001000
77 Burns, JacksonLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
78 Campion, AidenAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
79 Talbot, MichaelLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
80 Scerri, LucasGerringong Cricket Club0100000
81 Jackson, BenGerringong Cricket Club0100000
82 Coleman, DavidShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
83 Coleman, JacobShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
84 Brown, JaimeLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
85 Grant, DillonOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
86 Marshall, JordyAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
87 Holbrow, RyanThe Rail Cricket Club 0010000
88 Denyer, TomasAlbion Park Cricket Club0100000
89 Barton, KaseyAlbion Park Cricket Club0100000
90 Barton, KynanAlbion Park Cricket Club0100000
91 Kunkler, JamesGerringong Cricket Club0100000
92 Sheppeard, Riley KGerringong Cricket Club0100000
93 Chapman, ElijahGerringong Cricket Club0100000
94 Tungai, TroyKookas Cricket Club0001000
95 Lowe, LukeOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
96 Constantinou, JaycobLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
97 Strickland, HarryLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
98 Kennedy, JamesShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
99 Floyd, Jake TShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
100 Buchanan, HaydenGerringong Cricket Club0100000
101 Brown, LucasAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
102 Wood, CallumShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
103 Booker, JacobGerringong Cricket Club0010000
104 Ison, BlakeAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
105 Kay, LucasShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
106 O'Shea, HarryShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
107 Barter, JosephShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
108 McDonald, BaxterShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
109 Daly Herbert, ZacShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
110 Mulley, BradleyAlbion Park Cricket Club1000000
111 Napier, Hamish AGerringong Cricket Club0010000
112 HORVAT, RyanThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
113 Mackrell, BlakeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
114 Cooney, JoelKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
115 Simpson, CooperShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
116 Haddon, JacksonLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
117 Wilson, DarrenLake Illawarra Cricket Club0001000
118 Pryde, BrodieOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0010000
119 Le, LongGerringong Cricket Club1000000
120 Hardy, AidenShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
121 Hobson, Peter JAlbion Park Cricket Club1000000
122 Taylor, ByronOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
123 Couley, JackAlbion Park Cricket Club0100000
124 Spears, AaronJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
125 Norris, Darcy GKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
126 CLINCH, LIAM AAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
127 Campbell, Liam XKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
128 Lavender, FredShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
129 Ward, JamesJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
130 Grimson, TravisKookas Cricket Club0010000
131 Wall, PatrickGerringong Cricket Club0010000
132 McDonald, JacobKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
133 Ivanoff, MontgomeryKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
134 Martin, LachlanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
135 Veitch, CooperOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
136 Fuller, NicholasKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
137 Fuller, AlexKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
138 Ovenden, KadeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
139 McAdam, OscarShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
140 Smith, OscarGerringong Cricket Club0100000
141 Bullivant, JamesJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
142 McWilliams, NoahLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
143 Urszulak, TalehaOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
144 O'Neil, CallumOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0010000
145 O'Brien, CooperShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
146 Ward, NathanGerringong Cricket Club1000000
147 Grant, MasonOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0010000
148 Reay, DuntaeLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
149 Jackman, NoahOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
150 Johnson, TobyOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
151 Penfold, LockeOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
152 Buchanan, Daniel BGerringong Cricket Club1000000
153 Speering, AbbeyGerringong Cricket Club0100000
154 Peters, JoshuaAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
155 Gibson, SamuelGerringong Cricket Club1000000
156 Nicol, HarperShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
157 Wheatley, MaxShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
158 Tamayo, TahjKookas Cricket Club0010000
159 Farrell, JoelShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
160 Costigan, EdwardGerringong Cricket Club1000000
161 McLean, SamuelGerringong Cricket Club0010000
162 Alchin, TullyGerringong Cricket Club0010000
163 Cronin, ThomasGerringong Cricket Club0010000
164 couley, zahliaAlbion Park Cricket Club0100000
165 Rodda, BodhieAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
166 Cuthbert, MarcusKookas Cricket Club0010000
167 Crockford, Delmyr geeJamberoo Cricket Club0010000
168 Poole, JordanJamberoo Cricket Club0010000
169 Janssens, Ruben LKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
170 Hensman, DamonKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
171 Snelling, JackKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
172 Wallace, ThomasKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
173 Saunders, GeoffJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
174 Herbert, PerryLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
175 Herbert, CashLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
176 Hooper, TajKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
177 Surman, Casey DKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
178 Baget-Juleff, OliverOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
179 Lawler, KodyKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
180 Lawler, LoghanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
181 Moran, WilOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0010000
182 Rodda, CharlotteAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
183 McCorkell, ChristianKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
184 Campbell, PatrickKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
185 Hall, LucasKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
186 Hotham, CadeShellharbour City Cricket Club1000000
187 Acton, LucasLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
188 Marley, ElijahKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
189 Dudgeon, Ashton EGerringong Cricket Club0010000
190 Cuthbert, OscarKookas Cricket Club0010000
191 Randall, AidanShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
192 Lewis, CooperKookas Cricket Club0010000
193 Dowell, AdamKookas Cricket Club0001000
194 Welland, WyattLake Illawarra Cricket Club0010000
195 Welland, DeanLake Illawarra Cricket Club0010000
196 tighe, oliverLake Illawarra Cricket Club0100000
197 Schofield, JoshuaAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
198 Schofield, WillAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
199 Spain, TonyGerringong Cricket Club1000000
200 werfel, OscarGerringong Cricket Club0010000
201 Trudgett, TobyKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
202 Steel, BraydenShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
203 Hawker, HarryKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
204 Boyd-Grogan, CharlieShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
205 Boicheski, JoshuaShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
206 Moncrieff, BaileyLake Illawarra Cricket Club0010000
207 Heffernan, ZacharyJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
208 Campbell, HamishKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
209 Thomson, WilliamJamberoo Cricket Club0010000
210 Poole, Oliver JJamberoo Cricket Club0010000
211 Palk, MaxJamberoo Cricket Club0010000
212 Burgess, JoeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
213 Edwards, CharlesKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
214 Sharma, SwadeshShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
215 Campbell, WilliamKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
216 Cook, braydenAlbion Park Cricket Club1000000
217 Pracy, LachlanShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
218 Formosa, AidenShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
219 Burton, HarrisonKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
220 Allport, OliverKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
221 Phillips, JyeShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
222 Moran, JaxonOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0010000
223 Welch, MichaelJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
224 Horley, JoelKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
225 Magnee, LachlanLake Illawarra Cricket Club0010000
226 Moosmann, LoganShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
227 Huetter, Sam POak Flats Rats Cricket Club0010000
228 Creighton, BradKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
229 Robinson, BohdiLake Illawarra Cricket Club0010000
230 Perry, Graeme DShellharbour City Cricket Club1000000
231 Johnson, DarcyOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0010000
232 Andrews, HarveyOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0010000
233 Woods, BrendanKookas Cricket Club0001000
234 Hotham, GregShellharbour City Cricket Club1000000
235 Pearse, KyeThe Rail Cricket Club 0010000
236 Pearse, SarayaThe Rail Cricket Club 0010000
237 McIlwain, ZoeyThe Rail Cricket Club 0010000
238 Vannavong, JettLake Illawarra Cricket Club0010000
239 Browne, AvaThe Rail Cricket Club 0010000
240 Speers, KaylaKookas Cricket Club0010000
241 Bramble, Jessica RKookas Cricket Club0010000
242 carter, nashKookas Cricket Club0010000
243 Denny, RobertAlbion Park Cricket Club0100000
244 Kakahi, PhillipAlbion Park Cricket Club0100000
245 Dovern, AddisonThe Rail Cricket Club 0010000
246 Collins, PhoenixKookas Cricket Club0010000
247 Khan, DiaabShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
248 Pracy, TahliaShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
249 Khan, AarezShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
250 Kadee, Voysey AnshawThe Rail Cricket Club 0010000
251 Ashworth, SteveShellharbour City Cricket Club1000000
252 ORourke, KaelanOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0100000
253 Kay, NeilShellharbour City Cricket Club1000000
254 Browne, JakeThe Rail Cricket Club 0010000
255 Jackson, MitchelThe Rail Cricket Club 0001000
256 Middleton, ScottGerringong Cricket Club1000000
257 Anderson, CooperJamberoo Cricket Club0010000
258 Thomson, TavishJamberoo Cricket Club0010000
259 Klein, LukeShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
260 Lambert, AustinShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
261 Sciberras, MaxAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
262 Gibson, AidenKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
263 Clarke, HarryKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0010000
264 Kennedy, JoshuaKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0100000
265 Khan, SufyaanShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
266 Cheema, Mohammad AShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
267 Smith, ReganGerringong Cricket Club0100000
268 Le, SamGerringong Cricket Club0010000
269 Bird, CalebShellharbour City Cricket Club0100000
270 Smith, MacsonJamberoo Cricket Club0010000
271 Cergovski, LiamAlbion Park Cricket Club0100000
272 Roberts-Logan, JakeKookas Cricket Club0010000
273 Kakahi, TysonKookas Cricket Club0010000
274 Kakahi, TamaKookas Cricket Club0010000
275 Boyle, TysonKookas Cricket Club0010000
276 Lewis, LeviKookas Cricket Club0010000
277 Wells, ThomasShellharbour City Cricket Club0010000
278 Mackaway, RickyAlbion Park Cricket Club1000000
279 Rex, KaneAlbion Park Cricket Club0010000
280 Smith, MarcusJamberoo Cricket Club0010000
281 Campbell, RubenJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
282 hiscocks, cameronAlbion Park Cricket Club1000000
283 Bullivant, LukeJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
284 Rogan, MattJamberoo Cricket Club0001000
285 Bullivant, LeanneJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
286 McParland, ShaunJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
287 Barham, CameronLake Illawarra Cricket Club0010000
288 Chaplin, LiamOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0010000
289 Piper, StevenKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0001000
290 Fleming, KaiJamberoo Cricket Club1000000
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