South Coast District Cricket Umpires Association (S.C.D.C.U.A) is the affiliated official umpires association of SCDCA holding the best seat in the house for matches throughout the SCDCA competition season. The Current Board Members of the S.C.D.C.U.A are:


President: Brad Herbert


Secretary: Jackson Surman (M: 0488 692 947)


Treasurer: Chris Lukey



Payment Rates for SCDCUA Umpires


Two Day and One Day Competition Matches

(Two Umpires @ $100 payment each/day)

$100.00 per team per day

Two Day and One Day Competition Matches

(One Umpire @ $150 payment/day)

$75.00 per team per day

T20 Competition Matches

 (Two Umpires @ $50 payment each)

$50.00 per team

T20 Competition Matches

 (One Umpire @ $75 payment)

$37.50 per team

Junior Matches / Match Day

(Umpires @ $50 payment each)

$25.00 per team per umpire

Junior Finals Matches / Match Day

(Umpires @ $75 payment each)

Paid by SCDCA

School Cricket Matches

(Contact SCDCUA Secretary)

Negotiable Fee

All Finals Matches from Season 2018/19 onwards are paid for by SCDCA.


For Existing Umpires, Click Here to Login to MyCricket to complete Match Reports


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