SCDCA Representative Junior Cricket

SCDCA are very proud to have successful junior representative teams year in and year out representing our district to the best of their abilities. In 2018/19, our junior representative teams will play as a part of the new Greater Illawarra Cricket Zone comprising of South Coast, Shoalhaven, Sothern Highlands and Illawarra Districts.

Any Junior Player interested in playing representative cricket in Season 2018/19 must be nominated by their club in order to attend Rep Development Squads or Rep Trials. Players should contact their clubs for information regarding Junior Representative Cricket and if clubs believe that a player is capable of playing at a representative level, they will then be nominated.


Any Nominated Player by clubs MUST complete a Rep Nomination Form which can be obtained from their club and must be sent back to their club by Wednesday 1st August 2018. Players who do not submit their form by this time will be ineligible for playing Representative Cricket for SCDCA.


SCDCA Junior Representative Trial Dates for 2018/19 will be held on Sunday 12th August and Saturday 18th August (Backup for those unable to attend Sunday 12th). Times and venue are to be confirmed for each age group.

There will be a Representative Player Levy in Season 2018/19 which will be $150 (Shadow Players payment for training gear to be determined). This will include each player receiving Training Shirt, Training Shorts, Playing Shirt & Playing Cap. This is for all 12 selected players for each age group. If any of the players selected as Shadow Players are required to play they will be provided with a Shirt & Cap at that time if they don’t already have one.


Players nominating for the SCDCA representative teams may also be selected based on our Representative Trials, to trial for the GICZ's Sydney DCA competition teams in U12, U13, U14, U15, U16 but only if they wish to do so as there will be higher levies, longer travel commitments and games played on synthetic wickets. The Sydney DCA competition is a Sydney metro competition that accepts some regional zone teams to enter in a bid to provide a better representative opportunity for young cricketers. In past years, the competition has spanned from Newcastle down to the ACT. The GICZ Representative Fixtures and the Sydney DCA fixtures will be run at the same time so players that are selected from trials as a part of the Sydney DCA competition teams will be unable to take part in the GICZ Representative Competition with SCDCA.


SCDCA still don’t have all the information on the running and potential levies imposed for the Sydney DCA competition however we endeavour to ensure that this will all be clarified before the commencement of our rep trials. It must be noted that players will be looked at no differently for playing in the Sydney DCA Fixtures or in the GICZ Representative Fixtures when being considered for higher representative honours such as Kookaburra Cup and Bradman Cup