South Coast Institute of Cricket

 The Cricket Institute is a Venture South Coast District Cricket Association has developed to assist young Cricketers who show potential to learn aspects and techniques and fine tune their game on relevant skills that they may not learn in a Club environment.

Under our experienced Coaches, Cricketers will leave the Institute having developed their cricket game, be physically fitter and mentally tougher. They will also have a far greater understanding of their own game and it will assist them to progress to the next Level of Cricket.

They will be given tuition in several aspects of the game through a variety of Coaching Methods including - Individual Coaching, Drill Based Coaching, Technique Coaching, Fitness Training, Mental Skills, Nutrition and, Dietary advice.




The South Coast Institute of Cricket (SCIC) envisions acting as an educational institution and a nursery to effectively tap and groom the young talent for the future. To have cricketers who right at the starting point of their career are aware of not just delicacy and refinement of the game but have the most modern outlook as well.

The South Coast Institute of Cricket is committed to make them strong, to think and act like leaders and to equip them with self-confidence in the face of adversity, on the field of play and off it.


To produce quality players and meet the current and future challenges of State Cricket and beyond, South Coast Institute of Cricket will act as a state of the art workshop and nursery to enhance performance levels by producing well-talented cricketer’s with well-rounded personalities. This will be achieved by:

  • Enhancing the skill set, consistency and qualities of leadership & team building.
  • Using scientific methods and techniques and providing all necessary facilities.
  • Careful planning & analysis of systems for continual improvement.
  • Efficient and effective utilization of resources.

  • To introduce a system that would raise the standard of cricket in the Local area.
  • To continuously produce well-talented and well-rounded cricketers.
  • To maintain and provide the latest material and human resources to a high standard.
  • To give successful participants a pathway and introducing them to the next Level of Cricket.

The 2020 Institute nominations close on 1st April 2020. 

For details on nominating your child to take part in the South Coast Institute of Cricket , please follow links below.

SCIC Nomination Form
SCIC Program Dates


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