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Batting Partnerships

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1230 Anthony Dragovic - Ned Taylor Shellharbour City Cricket ClubOak Flats Bowling Club 1st Grade1 1 Gerringong
2135 Cameron Robinson - Tode Biracoski Lake Illawarra Cricket Club2nd Grade1 1 Kookas
3113 Ben Jones - Nathan Barr Kiama Cavaliers Cricket Club2nd Grade2 1 Lake Illawarra
492 Isaac Kay - Greg Hotham Shellharbour City Cricket Club4th Grade1 1 Albion Park
5170 Matthew Warby - Reece Conley Jamberoo Cricket Club3rd Grade2 1 Kiama
683 Daniel Brakus - Tyler Ryan Shellharbour City Cricket Club3rd Grade1 1 Jamberoo
773 Cade Hotham - Wayne Adamson Shellharbour City Cricket Club4th Grade3 1 Lake Illawarra
867 Mark Damoiseaux - Rohit Sharma The Rail Cricket Club Oak Flats Bowling Club 1st Grade1 1 Lake Illawarra
941 Shaun McParland - Greg Harris Jamberoo Cricket Club4th Grade3 1 Oak Flats
1058 cameron hiscocks - Harrison Edwards Albion Park Cricket Club4th Grade2 1 Lake Illawarra

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