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Batting Partnerships

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1206 Ian Woods - Shane Macpherson Kookas Cricket Club3rd Grade12 1 Gerringong
2191 Ken Nguyen - Nicholas Brakus Shellharbour City Cricket Club2nd Grade7 1 Albion Park
3220 Baxter McDonald - Jake Floyd Shellharbour City Cricket ClubUnder 13's16 1 The Rail
4185 Gary knell - Tim Cannan Lake Illawarra Cricket Club3rd Grade3 1 Kiama Blue
5182 Luke Shanahan - Jordan Poole Kiama Cavaliers Cricket ClubUnder 13's10 1 The Rail
6111 Mitchell Watterson - Daniel Smith Shellharbour City Cricket ClubOak Flats Bowling Club 1st GradeGF11 Lake Illawarra
7161 BEN WILLIAMS - Nathan Harvey Gerringong Cricket Club2nd Grade10 1 Lake Illawarra
8149 Harry Bailey - nash carter Kookas Cricket ClubUnder 11's8 1 Lake Illawarra
9113 Dale Ledger - Brian Harris Jamberoo Cricket Club2nd Grade5 1 Kiama
10130 Mark Ulcigrai - Ryan Smith Lake Illawarra Cricket ClubOak Flats Bowling Club 1st Grade7 1 Albion Park

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