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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
111819902714829992983244118Matthew LawsonSouth East2018/2019Elite Under 19's5 1CBR West
2967500851482999298324196Jack AllenSouth East2018/2019Elite Under 19's4 1CBR East
3858113241482999298324485Tom KellarSouth East2018/2019Elite Under 19's5 1CBR West
4795734871482999307660779Callum BartonSouth Coast2018/2019U/18 Jeffrey Cup1 1Illawarra
5736926181482999300950873Mitchell WattersonSouth Coast2018/2019Burns CupGF 1Illawarra
6666804881482999307660766*Blake RoachSouth Coast2018/2019U/18 Jeffrey Cup1 1Illawarra
7579058741482999300530457India BellhouseSouth Coast2018/2019U/12 Inter AssociationGF 1Shoalhaven
8558113241482999298324155Tom KellarSouth East2018/2019Elite Under 19's4 1CBR East
95412797711482999299986954Cooper HayesSouth Coast2018/2019U/14 Inter Association9 1Illawarra Blue
10528858841482999299984952*Sam McLennanSouth Coast2018/2019U/14 Inter Association3 1Illawarra Red
11508122171482999300530150*Jaiden RobinsonSouth Coast2018/2019U/12 Inter Association6 1Shoalhaven
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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