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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClub4th GradeUnder 11's3rd GradeOak Flats Bowling Club 1st Grade2nd Grade1st XI Sommers T20 Cup2nd XI Sommers T20 CupUnder 13'sUnder 11A'sUnder 11B's4th GradeUnder 11's3rd GradeOak Flats Bowling Club 1st Grade2nd Grade1st XI Sommers T20 Cup2nd XI Sommers T20 CupUnder 13'sUnder 11A'sUnder 11B's
Abela, RyanKookas Cricket Club0013000000000130000000
Acers, ThomasKookas Cricket Club0000000120000000001200
Adams, ScottJamberoo Cricket Club90000000009000000000
Alchin, AlexanderGerringong Cricket Club20000000002000000000
Alchin, JamesGerringong Cricket Club20000000002000000000
Alchin, TimGerringong Cricket Club50000000005000000000
Alchin, TullyGerringong Cricket Club100000001000100000001000
Alexander, Ryan JOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00071000000007100000
Allerby, Adrian JGerringong Cricket Club00600000000060000000
Allerby, FletcherGerringong Cricket Club00103000000010300000
Alliston, GeordieJamberoo Cricket Club0000122000000001220000
Anderson, DavidGerringong Cricket Club1012000000010120000000
Andrews, HarveyOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0000000160000000001600
Anshaw, DarrenThe Rail Cricket Club0015000000000150000000
Anthony, JacksonKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club1014000000010140000000
Atkinson, ChloeOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0011000000000110000000
Austin, justinThe Rail Cricket Club20105000002010500000
Baget-Juleff, FynnOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0000120000000001200000
Bagoly, HaydenThe Rail Cricket Club0001801000000018010000
Bailey, HarryKookas Cricket Club08000000400800000040
Bailey, JackKookas Cricket Club0000000120000000001200
Bailey, SarahKookas Cricket Club05000000400500000040
Bailey, SteveThe Rail Cricket Club20100000002010000000
Baines, ChrisKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0012000000000120000000
********The Rail Cricket Club20000000002000000000
Balzquez, JamesThe Rail Cricket Club20000000002000000000
Barker, JakeShellharbour City Cricket Club0010150100000101501000
Barnes, EthanShellharbour City Cricket Club00604000000060400000
Barr, NathanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00002000000000200000
Barter, JosephShellharbour City Cricket Club0000000130000000001300
Bartlett, AdrianThe Rail Cricket Club00009000000000900000
BARTLETT, SETHThe Rail Cricket Club8020000110080200001100
Bartlett, SimonThe Rail Cricket Club10000000001000000000
Barton, CallumKookas Cricket Club0001800000000018000000
barton, KASEYAlbion Park Cricket Club0000000130000000001300
barton, kynanAlbion Park Cricket Club20000000002000000000
Barton, TyAlbion Park Cricket Club0001400000000014000000
Bates, JasonKookas Cricket Club00000100000000010000
Bellhouse, OllieShellharbour City Cricket Club08000000040800000004
Bennett, JackOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0001600000000016000000
Berry, ManningGerringong Cricket Club00000100000000010000
Berry, TasmanGerringong Cricket Club0000171000000001710000
Biggs, MarkKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00900000000090000000
Biracoski, NikLake Illawarra Cricket Club0000140100000001401000
Biracoski, TodeLake Illawarra Cricket Club0000120200000001202000
Birkin, DaveKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000000010000000
Black, NoahAlbion Park Cricket Club0000000140000000001400
Blackburn, JosephGerringong Cricket Club10000000001000000000
Boersma, JasonLake Illawarra Cricket Club1300000000013000000000
Bombaci, LukeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00300000000030000000