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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClub4th GradeUnder 11's3rd GradeOak Flats Bowling Club 1st GradeRebel Sport Shellharbour 2nd Grade1st XI Sommers T20 CupUnder 13'sUnder 17's T20 Youth Grade4th GradeUnder 11's3rd GradeOak Flats Bowling Club 1st GradeRebel Sport Shellharbour 2nd Grade1st XI Sommers T20 CupUnder 13'sUnder 17's T20 Youth Grade
Abela, RyanKookas Cricket Club2000000020000000
Adnan, Muhammad AbdullahAlbion Park Cricket Club0400000004000000
Alchin, TullyGerringong Cricket Club0010200100102001
Anderson, DavidGerringong Cricket Club0050000000500000
Anshaw, DarrenThe Rail Cricket Club0030000000300000
Astin, NickGerringong Cricket Club0000500000005000
Aubin, CameronKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0000003000000030
Azzopardi, TobyGerringong Cricket Club0300000003000000
Bagoly, HaydenThe Rail Cricket Club0004000000040000
Bailey, SteveThe Rail Cricket Club0010000000100000
Bain, Rory XKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0000003000000030
Barboza, DanielKookas Cricket Club1000000010000000
Barr, NathanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0004000000040000
Barrett, SamuelAlbion Park Cricket Club0500000005000000
BARTLETT, SETHThe Rail Cricket Club0000400000004000
Bartlett, SimonThe Rail Cricket Club0000400000004000
barton, KASEY TAlbion Park Cricket Club0000200000002000
barton, kynan WAlbion Park Cricket Club0000500300005003
Barton, TyAlbion Park Cricket Club0000400000004000
Bates, JasonKookas Cricket Club0000100000001000
Batman, MurphyKookas Cricket Club0300000003000000
Battishall, HarveyKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0300000003000000
Battishall, JoshKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0050000000500000
Battishall, NathanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0040000000400000
Bayley, HaydenKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0200000002000000
Bennett, JackOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0003000000030000
Berry, TasmanGerringong Cricket Club0000500000005000
Biracoski, TodeLake Illawarra Cricket Club0000400000004000
Bisht, SauravThe Rail Cricket Club0003100000031000
Bolack, HarryKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club0200000002000000
Bone, AriOak Flats Rats Cricket Club0300000003000000
Booker, JacobGerringong Cricket Club1000000010000000
Booth, JarrodAlbion Park Cricket Club0001000000010000
Boreham, TrentLake Illawarra Cricket Club1000000010000000
Boyd, GrahameAlbion Park Cricket Club0040000000400000
Braan, AndrewKookas Cricket Club2000000020000000
Bradbury, LachlanOak Flats Rats Cricket Club1000000010000000
Bradbury, RyanOak Flats Rats Cricket Club1000000010000000
Bradley , MylesLake Illawarra Cricket Club0000400000004000
Bradley, TajLake Illawarra Cricket Club0400000004000000
Bradley, TarisLake Illawarra Cricket Club0500000005000000
Brakus, DanielShellharbour City Cricket Club0000400000004000
Bramble, CraigKookas Cricket Club0004000000040000
Bramble, Jessica RKookas Cricket Club0000005000000050
Bramble, LukeKookas Cricket Club0004000000040000
Bramble, LukeGerringong Cricket Club0000000300000003
Bramley, CooperGerringong Cricket Club0000000300000003
Brannigan, MichaelThe Rail Cricket Club0020100000201000
Brannigan, PaulThe Rail Cricket Club0010000000100000
Bridal, AndyLake Illawarra Cricket Club0050000000500000