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Matches Played

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4th Grade
Under 11's
3rd Grade
Oak Flats Bowling Club 1st Grade
2nd Grade
1st XI Sommers T20 Cup
2nd XI Sommers T20 Cup
Under 13's
1 knell, GaryLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
2 Fanning, ShaneThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
3 Cuttill, MedeKookas Cricket Club00001000
4 Livermore, WayneLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001010
5 Reilly, DanielKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
6 Hartgerink, JayaKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
7 Jones, BenKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
8 Barr, NathanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
9 Simon, JohnKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
10 Norris, MickKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
11 Kane, KevinKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
12 Crowhurst, JamieLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001000
13 Speering, Bradley JGerringong Cricket Club00100000
14 Fleming, LukeLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001000
15 Bennett, JackOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
16 Chatterton, Ryan JOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
17 Dell'Orefice, PhilOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
18 Keegan, PatOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
19 McAndrew, ScottOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
20 Quine, StuartGerringong Cricket Club00001010
21 Halstead, AaronShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
22 Chamberlain, BeauShellharbour City Cricket Club00010000
23 Kelly, BrianShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
24 Collins, ClaytonKookas Cricket Club10000000
25 Hambly, JoshuaKookas Cricket Club00001000
26 Taylor, NedShellharbour City Cricket Club00010000
27 Formosa, NicholasShellharbour City Cricket Club00001010
28 Monaghan, PeterAlbion Park Cricket Club00100000
29 Monaghan, RobertAlbion Park Cricket Club00100000
30 McConnell, RossShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
31 Bramble, CraigKookas Cricket Club00001000
32 Cohen, BenKookas Cricket Club00001000
33 Cuthbert, JoshuaKookas Cricket Club00010000
34 Leaudais, ChrisKookas Cricket Club00010000
35 Peachman, ScottKookas Cricket Club00010000
36 Brown, AlexanderShellharbour City Cricket Club00010000
37 Dale, EllisKookas Cricket Club00001000
38 Groves, ScottGerringong Cricket Club00001010
39 Ulcigrai, MarkLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010000
40 Speers, RobertKookas Cricket Club00100000
41 Piper, SteveKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010010
42 Tonks, ChrisShellharbour City Cricket Club00001000
43 Willstrop, JoelThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
44 Campion, Keegan GAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
45 Waite, LiamAlbion Park Cricket Club00100000
46 Coombes, LoganAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
47 Wilson, ThomasAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
48 Jennings, LiamLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
49 Jurd, ZacharyKookas Cricket Club00010000
50 Bryant-Smith, CoreyThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
51 Brockman, MatthewKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
52 Harrison, BlakeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000010
53 Murray, ThomasKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000010
54 Norris, JoshuaKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
55 Parker, ZacKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
56 Spain, JoshuaKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
57 Sutherland, OwenKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000010
58 Crapp, GaryLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
59 Smoday, MaxThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
60 McCabe, TonyLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010000
61 White, BrendanLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010000
62 Wall, DeclanGerringong Cricket Club00001010
63 Young, ZacGerringong Cricket Club00001010
64 Usher, MatthewLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
65 Maguire, RyanLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010000
66 Arblaster, MichaelOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
67 O'Keefe, HarrisonLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
68 Burns, MattAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
69 Lambert, DavidLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001010
70 Montgomery, PeterAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
71 Schofield, NealAlbion Park Cricket Club00100000
72 Schofield, BrendonAlbion Park Cricket Club00100000
73 Casey, JohnKookas Cricket Club00100000
74 Van Dongen, Joel AAlbion Park Cricket Club00100000
75 Taafe, HaydenShellharbour City Cricket Club00010000
76 Smith, RyanLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010000
77 Robinson, CameronLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000010
78 Cannan, TimLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
79 Horley, JasonKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
80 Vannavong, DoudeeLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001010
81 Insley, TerranceKookas Cricket Club10000000
82 Bridal, PaulLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
83 Cannan, DanielLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
84 Damoiseaux, MarkKookas Cricket Club00010000
85 Villa, JoseThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
86 Smith, BradThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
87 Merz, Ray DThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
88 Ryan, DannyKookas Cricket Club00100000
89 Nguyen, KenShellharbour City Cricket Club00010000
90 Brakus, NicholasShellharbour City Cricket Club00001010
91 Brakus, DanielShellharbour City Cricket Club00010000
92 Ritchie, LachlanShellharbour City Cricket Club00010000
93 Edwards, BenjaminShellharbour City Cricket Club00001010
94 Clark, LeighLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
95 Cuthbert, BenKookas Cricket Club00001000
96 Stafford, AlanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
97 Grove, Kayne WAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
98 Hopper, Max RGerringong Cricket Club00001010
99 Boersma, JasonLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
100 Henderson, MaxLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010000
101 Matthews, JordanLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010000
102 Berry, TasmanGerringong Cricket Club00001010
103 Peterson, PaulGerringong Cricket Club00001010
104 Spain, JoelGerringong Cricket Club00001000
105 Klaczkiewicz, MatthewShellharbour City Cricket Club00010000
106 Clarke, PaulKookas Cricket Club00010000
107 Cannan, JakeLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
108 Roach, BlakeLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010000
109 Watterson, MitchellShellharbour City Cricket Club00010000
110 Bartlett, AdrianThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
111 Barton, TyAlbion Park Cricket Club00100000
112 Urszulak, LiamOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
113 Sharman, MichaelKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
114 Hodgson, DeanLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
115 Gamble, WilliamLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010000
116 Lawler, Byron DOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
117 Bridal, AndyLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
118 McCarron, MichaelLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
119 Hawkins, PeterKookas Cricket Club10000000
120 Bradley , MylesLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
121 Denyer, JackAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
122 Goodway, MatthewAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
123 HOLLINGSWORTH, ZACAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
124 Parker, JamieAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
125 Gallagher, JordanKookas Cricket Club10000000
126 Payne, AllanLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
127 Moore, BrendonGerringong Cricket Club10000000
128 BARTLETT, SETHThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
129 Castray, DuaneKookas Cricket Club00100000
130 Butler, WilliamKookas Cricket Club00100000
131 Butler, ChrisKookas Cricket Club00100000
132 Harrison, CooperKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000010
133 Creighton, HarryKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
134 Speering, WillGerringong Cricket Club00100000
135 Chaudhry, Raheel MAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
136 Roach, MatthewLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001010
137 Clark, DreauLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001010
138 White, JarrydLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
139 Jones, Lyndon KAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
140 Lambert, NicholasAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
141 Robinson, JaidenLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000010
142 Biracoski, TodeLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001010
143 Constantinou, MitchellLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010010
144 Winkelbauer, NathanKookas Cricket Club10000000
145 Dragovic, AnthonyKookas Cricket Club00010000
146 Lara, ManuelLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
147 Bramble, LukeKookas Cricket Club00001000
148 Pickering, OwenAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
149 Meijer, AndrewAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
150 McLennan, SamOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
151 Chaudhry, ShergeelAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
152 Michael, GeorgeGerringong Cricket Club00100000
153 Mackrell, LiamKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
154 Skippen, JackAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
155 King, CallumShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
156 Winkelbauer, AdamKookas Cricket Club10000000
157 Salter, PaulThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
158 Dalby, MitchellAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
159 Mitchell, ZaneAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
160 Campion, AidenAlbion Park Cricket Club00000001
161 Mulcahy, BenKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
162 Dunningham, DaneShellharbour City Cricket Club00010010
163 Ward, AshtonGerringong Cricket Club00000010
164 Coleman, DavidShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
165 Coleman, JacobShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
166 WILLIAMS, BENGerringong Cricket Club00000010
167 Kay, IsaacShellharbour City Cricket Club00001010
168 Barton, Kasey TAlbion Park Cricket Club00100001
169 Barton, Kynan WAlbion Park Cricket Club00100000
170 Peters, TroyKookas Cricket Club00100000
171 Tungai, TroyKookas Cricket Club00010000
172 Edge, MarkThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
173 Ward, MickKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
174 Monie, JakeKookas Cricket Club00010000
175 Lightfoot, SilasGerringong Cricket Club00100000
176 Parker, DarcyKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
177 Micallef, MitchellKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000010
178 Constantinou, JaycobLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001000
179 Mackrell, AdamKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
180 Brown, LucasAlbion Park Cricket Club00000001
181 Booker, JacobGerringong Cricket Club10000000
182 Ross, KobeAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
183 O'Shea, HarryShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
184 Barter, JosephShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
185 Mulley, BradleyAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
186 Barnes, EthanShellharbour City Cricket Club00001010
187 Simpson, CooperShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
188 Wilson, DarrenLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
189 Penfold, KipOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
190 Szakacs, MatthewKookas Cricket Club00001000
191 Monie, AaronKookas Cricket Club00010000
192 Hardy, NathanLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
193 OHara, ArchieOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000001
194 Mulcahy, WayneKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
195 Baker, AlanKookas Cricket Club00100000
196 Condello, DeanOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00010000
197 Hazelton, ArchieAlbion Park Cricket Club01000000
198 Sherrell, Vincent JKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
199 Monaghan, RyanAlbion Park Cricket Club00000001
200 Micallef, RyanKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000010
201 Whalan, JoelLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001010
202 Wraight, NoahShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
203 Pieters, RuanLake Illawarra Cricket Club00010000
204 Crocker, StevenKookas Cricket Club10000000
205 Newton, CooperShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
206 Duncan, Thomas JGerringong Cricket Club00100000
207 Grant, MasonOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000001
208 Hockey, NevilleKookas Cricket Club10000000
209 Buchanan, Daniel BGerringong Cricket Club00100000
210 Dudgeon, John CGerringong Cricket Club10000000
211 Tsolkas, JacobThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
212 Peters, JoshuaAlbion Park Cricket Club00000001
213 Glover, LucasAlbion Park Cricket Club01000000
214 Farquhar, DarcyShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
215 Ockenden, HunterShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
216 Floyd, Lucas JShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
217 Longhurst, MatthewAlbion Park Cricket Club00100000
218 Hayes, CooperAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
219 Smith, ShaunKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
220 Da Silva, PeterShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
221 Clare, HenryGerringong Cricket Club10000000
222 Cuthbert, MarcusKookas Cricket Club00000001
223 Shoebridge, JackAlbion Park Cricket Club01000000
224 Howley, MathewShellharbour City Cricket Club00001010
225 Waterson, DavidShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
226 Herbert, CashLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
227 Garrett, ChrisThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
228 Macfarlane, RobertThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
229 Parker, MatthewAlbion Park Cricket Club01000000
230 Lawler, KodyOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000001
231 Moran, WilOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000001
232 McCorkell, Christian WKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
233 Campbell, PatrickKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
234 Hall, LucasKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
235 Staples, ThomasLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
236 Brown, BernieKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000010
237 Day, SamuelOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000001
238 Gittoes, HuntarKookas Cricket Club00001000
239 Floyd, RyanShellharbour City Cricket Club01000000
240 Macdonald, GregShellharbour City Cricket Club00001010
241 gittoes, scottKookas Cricket Club00001000
242 Schofield, JoshuaAlbion Park Cricket Club00000001
243 werfel, OscarGerringong Cricket Club10000000
244 werfel, rowanGerringong Cricket Club10000000
245 Sears, Adam AAlbion Park Cricket Club00100000
246 Ward, ZaneKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
247 Sloan, AvaKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
248 Sloan, ClancyKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
249 Ross, DaveAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
250 Wilson, OllieKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
251 Thomson, WilliamShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
252 Burgess, JoeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
253 Sharma, SwadeshShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
254 Pickering, AnthonyAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
255 st Quintin, JamesGerringong Cricket Club00000010
256 Smith, DanielShellharbour City Cricket Club00010000
257 Pracy, LachlanShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
258 Formosa, AidenShellharbour City Cricket Club00001010
259 Testa, OwenShellharbour City Cricket Club01000000
260 Norris, SteveKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
261 Duncan, PhillipGerringong Cricket Club00100000
262 Fazal, AffanAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
263 Moran, JaxonOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000001
264 Waters, CadenceOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000001
265 Welch, MichaelAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
266 Horley, JoelKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
267 Moosmann, LoganShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
268 Quick, RhysKookas Cricket Club10000000
269 Huetter, Sam POak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000001
270 Wolter - Gumley, DarrenKookas Cricket Club10000000
271 Salter, JaiThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
272 Hockey, JettKookas Cricket Club00000001
273 Hockey, DashKookas Cricket Club00000001
274 Sullivan, Henry CKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
275 Glaessner, OliviaKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
276 Pearse, ChrisThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
277 McIlwain, ZoeyThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
278 Glaessner, PhoebeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
279 Bramble, Jessica RKookas Cricket Club00000001
280 carter, nashKookas Cricket Club00000001
281 ********Shellharbour City Cricket Club01000000
282 Dovern, AddisonThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
283 Pracy, TahliaShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
284 Dovern, RyderThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
285 Ryan, NickGerringong Cricket Club00100000
286 Middleton, ScottGerringong Cricket Club00100000
287 Abela, RyanKookas Cricket Club00100000
288 Richards, LukeGerringong Cricket Club00001000
289 Browne, BradThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
290 Smith, JoelThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
291 Smith, DamonThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
292 Chaudhry, NabeelAlbion Park Cricket Club00001000
293 ********Albion Park Cricket Club01000000
294 King, DaleShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
295 Tamayo, JaiKookas Cricket Club01000000
296 Monie, BeauKookas Cricket Club01000000
297 Monie, LiamKookas Cricket Club01000000
298 Wells, ThomasShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
299 McCorkell B, Charlie HKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
300 Mackaway, RickyAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
301 Rex, ConanAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
302 Whiteman, NathanKookas Cricket Club00010000
303 Norris, ThomasKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00010000
304 Brown, DanielKookas Cricket Club10000000
305 Evans, ZevvyKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
306 Smith, Riley JThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
307 Mills, ShaneThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
308 Anderson, DavidGerringong Cricket Club00100000
309 Fredericks, BenKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
310 yeo, jonathanKookas Cricket Club00000001
311 Wraight, CruzShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
312 Sullivan, JamesKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
313 White, ZeddKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
314 Goodway, LoganAlbion Park Cricket Club00000001
315 Taylor, LukeShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
316 Nicol, SamualShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
317 Muhammad Yousaf, DawoodShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
318 Croker, TammieAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
319 Pollard, LukeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
320 Presland, ChrisGerringong Cricket Club00100000
321 Regan, NoahAlbion Park Cricket Club00000001
322 Bartlett, SimonThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
323 Weber, MattLake Illawarra Cricket Club00100000
324 Browne, AvaThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
325 Coble, MacleanKookas Cricket Club00000001
326 Creswick, MatthewKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000010
327 Dovern, Kiana RThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
328 Tate, AdamKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
329 Tate, LukeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
330 Cergovski, RyanAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000
331 Glover, FlynnAlbion Park Cricket Club01000000
332 Black, NoahAlbion Park Cricket Club00000001
333 Simmons, CodyKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000010
334 Nasome, TaraiasiAlbion Park Cricket Club00000001
335 Taylor, CooperShellharbour City Cricket Club01000000
336 Lorkin, KobiShellharbour City Cricket Club01000000
337 Gallagher, AaronShellharbour City Cricket Club00001010
338 Willetts, ArchieKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
339 Horley, CassandraKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
340 Muller, LachlanShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
341 Thompson, EthanAlbion Park Cricket Club00000000
342 Elliott, MaxAlbion Park Cricket Club01000000
343 Evans, BronteShellharbour City Cricket Club01000000
344 Jolliffe, AidanShellharbour City Cricket Club01000000
345 Dell'Orefice, LucasOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000001
346 Herbert, RileyAlbion Park Cricket Club00010000
347 McCrone, HarryKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
348 Wellington, JoelAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
349 Moule, JamesAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
350 Moule, AidenAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
351 Clay, AdamAlbion Park Cricket Club10000000
352 Stuart, SethThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
353 Willstrop, TamaraThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
354 Ferrie, JaedenThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
355 Dowell, AdamKookas Cricket Club00001000
356 Cuthbert, LeviKookas Cricket Club00000001
357 Riley, JackKookas Cricket Club00000001
358 lang, carlGerringong Cricket Club00001010
359 Suckling, DavidKookas Cricket Club00100000
360 Brown, BrooklynKookas Cricket Club01000000
361 Tsolkas, TonyThe Rail Cricket Club10000000
362 Smith, XavierOak Flats Rats Cricket Club00000001
363 Hughes, PatrickGerringong Cricket Club10000000
364 Mackiewicz, LinkinThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
365 Kruger, CornelisKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000001
366 Denmeade, TristanAlbion Park Cricket Club00000001
367 Joshi, Rajesh RajGerringong Cricket Club10000000
368 ********Shellharbour City Cricket Club01000000
369 Oppel, JamieShellharbour City Cricket Club01000000
370 Murphy, JoelGerringong Cricket Club10000000
371 Braan, AndrewKookas Cricket Club00100000
372 Reeves, JamiesonKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club01000000
373 Kennedy, MattKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00100000
374 Cody, ShaneLake Illawarra Cricket Club00001010
375 ELLIOTT, KOBIAlbion Park Cricket Club01000000
376 Presland, KadeKookas Cricket Club01000000
377 Gardner, JayeKiama Cavaliers Cricket Club00000010
378 Herbert, WayneThe Rail Cricket Club00001000
379 Doohan, SeanGerringong Cricket Club00001000
380 Forrest, MitchellGerringong Cricket Club10000000
381 Astin, NickGerringong Cricket Club00000010
382 Goldman, KobeKookas Cricket Club01000000
383 Ritchie, ClaytonShellharbour City Cricket Club00001010
384 Brown, IsaacLake Illawarra Cricket Club00000010
385 Woods, BrandanKookas Cricket Club00100000
386 Yeo, DavidKookas Cricket Club01000000
387 Rubino, JasonShellharbour City Cricket Club00100000
388 Meiklejohn, PheonixThe Rail Cricket Club00000001
389 Lewis, CooperShellharbour City Cricket Club00000001
390 Clark, BruceLake Illawarra Cricket Club10000000
391 Murphy, RonnieGerringong Cricket Club10000000
392 Cohen, MaxKookas Cricket Club01000000
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Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.